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That's why artist Richard Wilson was inspired to paint this foot mural of the hometown hero. Andrea montenegro naked. It's an essential part of their friendship. While he showered, the guys decided to steal his clothes and pull the fire alarm, but his reaction after getting caught in his birthday suit has us questioning the realness of this prank.

To prank Aniston, Sudeikis teamed up with director Rawson Marshall Thurber and they decided to play the theme song from "Friends. Naked practical jokes. Watch as a man catches a knife on fire, seals get scared by one woman's seal impression, and a guy wakes up doing karate. Is anything real anymore?! As Swift made her way into her dressing room bathroom, DeGeneres jumped up and Swift dropped to the floor screaming. A crew member suggested that Somerhalder visit the show's "prop master" for some assistance.

I think I'm basically a five-year-old at heart. George Clooney is a notorious prankster, and and his pranks against Brad Pitt date back to their time working on the "Oceans" films. The man is whimpering for his life in Japanese, most likely saying "no no, you go to Data, then History and just set it to Clear All. Outraged citizens complain to the Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, where the bell is housed.

A naked man closes her garage door, and proceeds to rub up against the window of her car, attempting to seduce her with his extra plump package. Sexy tits college. Today, not only is he an icon in the city, but he's an inspiration to so many young kids growing up in the neighborhood. Originally Published on sitename.

You are here Home. Some pranks are simple like Leonardo DiCaprio running up to Jonah Hill, pretending to be an excited fanwhile others are a bit more complex like that time Ashton Kutcher convinced Drake that an earthquake was happening.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most hilarious pranks that stars have admitted to pulling on each other. The prank went a little like this: Supermodel Elisabetta Canalis may be scarred for life because of this naked stalker prank, but dammit, beautiful people deserve to be pranked and traumatized too! While promoting the film "Run, Fatboy, Run," Thandie Newton pranked co-star Simon Pegg by replacing water with vodka before Pegg participated in interviews.

For April Fools' one year, Harington decided to put a fake, severed head that resembled Jon Snow into their kitchen fridge. The whole thing is filmed to your left, you're welcome. He rushed home, and on the way, attempted to stop another truck filled with his equipment, which included ladders, a lawn mower and a weed whacker.

Dog Gets Confused By Owner's Disappearing Act Thank goodness most dogs are very tolerant because sometimes we make them put up with ridiculous things. The rejection hurts just watching it. Kimmel was sleeping and had no idea what was happening when Rihanna went into his room, started throwing dollar bills and confetti on his bed, pointing flashlights at him, and blasting one of her hit songs. What are the most bizarre public pranks of all time?

According to "Mirror Mirror" star Lily Collins, pranking was widespread on set — and Armie Hammer is guilty of pulling at least one major trick. Lesbian lip biting. Needless to say, he was relieved when Kutcher revealed himself said and explained that none of it was real.

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Krasinski also dressed in a Santa Claus suit, threatened to give Kimmel's stuff away, and purposely damaged Kimmel's vehicle. He then ran up to Hill with his phone held up, pretending to be an excited fan trying to take a photo or video of him.

Luckily, she had friends by her side to help free her from the shark's grip. Horny lesbians tribbing. Originally Published on sitename.

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The scene Somerhalder and Dobrev had to film required a reaction shot of Dobrev in character, so Somerhalder attached fake elephant ears to his thighs to surprise her. Regardless of the degree, we always look forward to hearing about the crazy practical jokes and shenanigans that celebrities engage in. During filming for the first movie, Hutcherson gave co-star Lawrence a huge scare when he put a fake, dead tribute body in her bathroom. Can you score percent?

Thomas Betson, the prankster-monk, pulls off one of the earliest documented practical jokes when he hides a beetle inside a hollowed-out apple and fools his fellow monks into believing that the mysteriously rocking apple is possessed.

The series uses a hidden camera format, playing harmless but very amusing pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture their responses. Finally, imagine spotting an elephant in the wild. This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat They nix the idea upon learning that DHMO is actually water. I did not get visual confirmation on that one. Naked practical jokes. Lesbians having 69. Within a minute, the kitties all had found forever homes.

Nikki spoke to our RightThisMinute hosts via Skype about the blog and the community she's helping to create. During a flight, Upton fell asleep, so Mann and Diaz took a marker and drew a mustache on her. The frightening footage from inside the car shows hail breaking through his windshields. On the episode, the vehicle that Drake was in started randomly shaking while in a parking garage. Check out these computer pranks to pull on your friends.

This is not a cheap, practical joke, by the way," Levine said. While most listeners are shocked and angry, one Japanese seaman immediately calls to claim his prize. In the same show, an unsuspecting young lady is pulled over by a cop who gets out of his car and starts stripping for her.

This makes for great entertainment. From dressing up a little demon girl, to convincing a man that he is about to die, to convincing a supermodel that she has a naked stalker that has kidnapped her neighbor, here are 13 pranks that could have honestly killed a person with a weak enough heart.

During filming of "The Hunger Games: I wonder how long before she notices. Ugly black women naked. Do you live in the Nicest Place in America? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Real or Fake With eBaum's World:

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When celebrities spend months or weeks filming movies, they often work hard — but also play hard. Lesbian massage spa. Check out these computer pranks to pull on your friends. The pranks have become more elaborate over the years, from Blunt and Krasinski sneaking into the Kimmel residence and putting up holiday decorations to Kimmel and his team wrapping the exterior of Blunt and Krasinski's house with gift paper. Debbie wasserman schultz tits To take the prank to the next level, they brought in a real reindeer. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

He convinced Swift to launch a firework. As they filmed the scene, the machine interrupted Gambon's lines, and made it look like Radcliffe was the source of the noise.

It's an essential part of their friendship. Urban looked like he knew he was being pranked, but he managed to get through most of his performance without laughing too hard — even with Swift standing right next to him in a black and silver outfit, strumming a guitar. When Justin Bieber appeared on an episode, he tricked Taylor Swift in an elaborate prank. He rushed home, and on the way, attempted to stop another truck filled with his equipment, which included ladders, a lawn mower and a weed whacker.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Naked practical jokes. In a video shared on Instagram, Affleck went into Cavill's trailer and "redecorated" it while he was gone. Finally, imagine spotting an elephant in the wild.

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Nude women of costa rica January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Hail of that size can do a ton of damage, but you don't have to tell that to this driver. Supermodel Elisabetta Canalis may be scarred for life because of this naked stalker prank, but dammit, beautiful people deserve to be pranked and traumatized too!
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Sexy asian girls on tumblr The specific scene involved Radcliffe and other actors sleeping on the floor of the great hall while Snape and Dumbledore spoke.
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